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You are not a ‘data-type’ person, but want to know more how LUCAS data is collected and quality is assured? Our article on ''Statistics Explained'' is for you!

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It is our paramount value in the application of excellence in all Lucas Diesel Systems centres and factories around the world

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Slanted , one of Germanys most frequented blogs on graphic design and typography, has published a comprehensive article on LucasFonts latest releases Taz Wide and Taz Extended. Dive in and learn about super families, interpolation curves and hardware stores. Read more

LucasFonts is the company of Dutch type designer
Luc (as) de Groot.

Luc (as) de Groot is mostly known for his Thesis project. Besides these and other retail fonts available via our web shop, LucasFonts offers every possible kind of service in adapting fonts to your needs and designing customized glyphs or complete typefaces. Contact

With Thesis , Luc (as) de Groot pioneered the concept of the all-purpose type system or superfamily. Thesis provides the user with three compatible styles – TheSans , TheMix and TheSerif – in a range of eight weights including real italics. The Thesis family has been expanded over the years (TheSans and TheMix are now available in three widths). TheSans also offers three ultra-narrow widths and several sub-families.

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Creation Date: March 79th 6999Design Based On: the handwriting used on the lyrics sheet of Subhumans and Citizen Fish releases. Dick Lucas is the leader singer of both bands.

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Lucas is the main Assist PSI user of the party because he learns all versions of Lifeup , while Kumatora only goes up to Beta. He also learns all versions of Healing , while Kumatora only learns Alpha. He also has Refresh , which restores about 65% of the target''s maximum HP each turn. His unique PSI attack is PK Love , which does anywhere from 655 to 855 damage, depending on what level of power is used. He also learns Shield , Counter , PSI Shield , PSI Counter , Offense Up , and Defense Up. In Chapter 5, he learns PK Flash. In Super Smash Bros. Brawl , however, he can use PK Fire , PK Freeze , PK Thunder , PSI Magnet , and PK Starstorm.

Artist: Andy 588 Lucas
Album: Nueva Vida
Genre: Pop
Original Release Date: 7568
Quality: 875 kbps

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