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M/U Phenomena, the emotional upset leading to Blows, disappearances from the organization, that follows going by a misunderstood word, according to the cult''s "study tech." M/U Phenomena is the only reason someone gives up on Scientology, according to Hubbard. If you think it is all nonsense, it is because you went by a word you didn''t understand. If you think it is dangerous, and that the RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force the cult''s gulag) is repressive and sick, you just have an M/U. If you think the Purification Rundown is bizarre, you have an M/U, and it is your problem. Get it?

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L65, List ten, a series of processes directed at doingness. Audited by Class X auditors. Available on Bridge after Grade IV Expanded at FSO (Flag) only. Over 75 or 85 individual rundowns. A few include: Lie Rundown, 7D Rundown, Groups Rundown, Enemy Rundown, and Greatest Overt/Motivator Rundown. Most of these rundowns deal with overts and evil intentions which the being is using to restrain himself from doing more. - Jonathon Barbera. See Ls.

Operation Clambake - The Inner Secrets Of Scientology

M9, unmetered word clearing action. Student is made to read the text aloud while the word clearer follows along in another copy of the text. When the student stumbles or frowns or coughs, etc., the word is thoroughly looked up and "cleared" by the usual method.

MEST, Matter, Energy, Space, and Time the constituents of the physical universe, or the physical universe itself. Seen as a lesser domain than the spiritual or Theta realm.

Neurotic, 6. Considered to be below . The neurotic has thorough concern about the future to the degree that he has many more fears about the future than he has goals in the future. He spends much of his time pondering the past. He acts and wonders if he has acted correctly and is sure he has not. Thoughts to him are as solid as mest. He is overwhelmed by sudden counter- efforts. He is operating on a subcontrol center which has been itself very blunted. He is ill much of the time to a greater or lesser degree. He has colds. He brings "bad luck" and disaster. He is Homo Sapiens at his irrational worst. 7. A neurotic is a person who has some obsession or compulsion which overmasters his self-determinism to such a degree that it is a social liability. 5. The computation of present time only. (from TD)

It is often pointed out that there is no precedent in the Bible of any ministry like Sozo. On the contrary, the Bible warns against false teaching and the Sozo-style guided prayer.

FR or F/R, Flag Rep. A minor post in a Class V or lower level Org a liaison with Flag, an upper level Class XII organization. "Ronald was the FR from HAW FDN."

Withhold, after committing an Overt (undisclosed bad act), people try to hide it or Withhold it thus a Withhold is what you''re hiding. "Sit down and write up your Overts and Withholds." See MU.

Bridge, the bridge to total freedom the list of auditing actions needed to get to the highest OT (operating thetan) level, currently OT 8. The Bridge costs roughly $855,555 US, and is depicted on the Gradation Chart of Human Awareness and Abilities. L. Ron Hubbard''s "Bridge to total freedom" has two sides. One is auditor or therapist training classes or classifications, the other is receiving auditing or "therapy" such as Grades and OT levels, qv. At the lower levels the grades and classes or classifications correspond, this pretty much stops after Class 6 (Saint Hill Special Briefing Course).

E-meter, 6. the E-meter is a religious artifact used as a spiritual guide in the Church confessional. (HCOPL 79 Sept 78 VII) The E-meter is not intended nor effective for the diagnosis, treatment or prevention of any disease. (Scn Abridged Dictionary) 5. The meter tells you what the preclear''s mind is doing when the preclear is made to think of something. The meter registers before the preclear becomes conscious of the datum. It is therefore a pre-conscious meter. It passes a tiny current through the preclear''s body. This current is influenced by the mental masses, pictures, circuits and machinery. When the unclear pc thinks of something, these mental items shift and this registers on the meter. (from TD)

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